Rubicon Minerals Corporation is committed to responsible mining that takes into account the environmental impact of all aspects of our business. We acknowledge that mining by its very nature impacts the natural and human environment as well as the economic environment.

Our approach to environmental management is based on the robust identification, assessment and control of material risks across all phases of our business, from exploration to development, operation and closure. We engage with stakeholders and take their perspectives and knowledge into account in our decision making.

We aim to avoid or, where this is not possible, minimize our impacts, while contributing to lasting environmental benefits across all areas where we operate.

We conduct our business at Rubicon Minerals Corporation in a manner designed to protect our employees, public health and the environment in accordance with strict business practices and principles, applicable regulations and laws and a code of ethics.

Toxic Substance Accounting Report and Reduction Plan Summaries

As required by the Toxics Reduction Act, Rubicon Minerals has made its annual accounting report and toxic substance reduction plan summaries available to the public. Please click on the links below to download the following documents:

2016 Toxic Substance Accounting Report

2015 Toxic Substance Reduction Plan Summaries

Date of Issue: May 31, 2017